PROG.FM Featured Artists

These artists have generously provided their music for airplay on PROG.FM and Starstream.


Akacia - Antares - Ayreon - Big Big Train - Corbin Keep - Cos - Dante - Dyonisis -  Eyestrings - Farpoint - Hugo Flores - Forgotten Suns - Hal Darling - Hugh Hopper - Jamie Craig - Les Fradkin - Martian Ear Zit - Neural Mass - Pilgrym - Port Mahadia - The Puddle Jumpers - Quidam - RPWL - Sonic Pulsar - Soniq Theater - Specimen 37 - Splinter  - The Gak Omek - The Tangent - Technical Info - Tiles - Tim Burness - Us  - Julian Whitfield

 Special thanks to Frank at SPV USA for providing promo CD's from Tiles, Ayreon, RPWL and The Tangent.

If you are a progressive music artist and would like to be featured on PROG.FM, send your promo CD (and press release if available) or send me an email with a link to MP3's (192kbps or better pleaase) and I will get them added to the playlist as soon as possible.

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